HOOPERSIZE (Obesity Prevention)

Hoopy Fact: Hooping for 10 minutes burns the same amount of calories as running an 8-minute mile.

This Teacher's Choice and President Obama's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Award winning obesity prevention program infuses fun into fitness. Endorsed by former First Lady, Michelle Obama, the Let's Move! initiative and millions of sweaty kids, Hoopersize has been hooping it up in elementary and middle schools throughout the US, UK and Canada since 2004.

Sought after to pump up community events, KidTribe has performed our hoop concert all over the world, including the White House Easter Egg Roll throughout all 8 years of the Obama Administration where 35,000 families would get hoopy on the South Lawn. We've also been an active attraction at the Nickelodeon Worldwide of Play in Brooklyn's Prospect Park each year since 2006.

Aligned with the National Physical Education Standards for grades K-5 and adaptable for students with Special Needs, this comprehensive program makes physical activity accessible - even the grouchiest couch potatoes participate. Too many people to count have claimed that they've never been able to hula-hoop before having success with our program. 

The Hoopersize implementation model three components that can packaged together or a la carte:

  • SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES & COMMUNITY EVENTS - A great integrator for students with Special Needs, the entire student body hoops it up with the KidTribe Crew. Together, they warm up, learn 30 hip-hop-hoop-tricks and have positive peer interactions through esteem-building games. We bring the stage, sound system, music and a bazillion hoops, taking over the playground or gym for a hoop party!

  • STAFF DEVELOPMENT TRAININGS - Educators and youth leaders are given the tools and techniques to lead this simple physical activity program that improves classroom management, aids in student behavior and increases brain function for academic achievement. 

  • CURRICULUM - an indispensable resource for teachers, PE classes, recess and before school and during afterschool. Each kit consists of 36 indestructible, heavy-duty HOOPS that will last for years to come; a VIDEO CURRICULUM with 15 videos that teach a variety of skills and games, 7 follow-along-to activity SONGS; and a 50-page GUIDE BOOK for teachers that’s aligned with State and National Physical Education Standards. MUSIC & VIDEOS - With a "for kids, by kids" School House Rock approach, KidTribe's instructional music videos are easy and fun to follow with catchy songs, cool kids and crazy characters.

  • KIDTRIBE HOOPS - The patented and virtually indestructible KidTribe Pro-Hoop  makes hoop tricks much easier. Available for individual and bulk orders.

IMPACT EVALUATION STUDY (by Russell & English / DHS)

Obesity rates have doubled among children and quadrupled among adolescents in the past 30 years.

After 600 K-5 students participated in Hoopersize, statistics improved:  

-  The average amount of time that students engaging in moderate to vigorously physical activity each day increased from 20 minutes at pretest, to 40 minutes at posttest.

- A 60% increase in positive attitudes toward physical activity, benefits of physical activity, regular participation in physical activity, group or team activities, locomotor skills, responsible and respectful behavior, individual or paired activities, development of fundamental motor skills, and manipulative skills.

-  Students at the intervention schools reported an increase in the activities they like to do at school. They reported liking hula hoop “a lot.” 

-  For teachers who completed the Hoopersize Training, there was a significant difference for the following constructs: self efficacy, self confidence and knowledge related to teaching students about and using the hula hoop.