MACK & MOXY (American Public Television / PBS)

Raising the next generation of humanitarians.

Empathy awareness is at the core of this social-emotional program, with hands-on, hearts-open activities based on this Parents' Choice Award winning children's show. Airing on PBS and Amazon Prime, this animated and live action series teaches children life-long lessons of charity, compassion and causes from the world's most celebrated charities.

Causes and charity partners include: 

  • Situational Awareness & Calling 9-1-1  (Orange County Police Department) 
  • Nutrition and Teaching Gardens  (American Heart Association)
  • Emergency Preparedness  (American Red Cross)
  • Hunger & Food Pantries  (Feeding America)
  • Endangered Species  (World Wildlife Fund)
  • Traffic Safety  (Safe Kids Worldwide)
  • Autism Awareness  (Easterseals)
  • Conflict Resolution  (Playworks)
  • Literacy  (Save the Children)

To implement this social-emotional curriculum, we deliver a STAFF DEVELOPMENT TEACHER TRAINING that comes with an easy-to-follow ACTIVITY GUIDE along with EPISODES and SING-ALONGS from the hit show!


Depression and anxiety have increased in children in  the last decade: 

- SEL and Service Learning youth programs can have a positive impact up to 18 years later on academics, conduct problems, emotional distress, and drug use. 

- 27% more improved their academic performance, and 24% more improved their emotional well-being and social behavior.

- 1 in 6 U.S. children aged 2–10 years (17.4%) had a diagnosed mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder.